What is GoKiosk?

Kiosk mode is a lockdown mechanism that helps to restricts Android devices to secure usage of a single application or handful of applications. Businesses that employ mobile workforce can benefit from this kind of mechanism via ensuring responsible usage, improved productivity and reduced device maintenance cost. GoKiosk is an application that helps a user to customize their android devices to work in kiosk mode. With GoKiosk, only the approved applications are allowed to run on the device and only the administrator can access the password protected settings to either modify settings or exit lockdown.

How GoKiosk Works?

Once you can install GoKiosk on your Android Smartphone & Tablets. Access the password protected GoKiosk Admin Dashboard and specify the allow application you wish to approve. Return to GoKiosk Home Screen, only the allow application will be listed on the screen. This confines the devices users to only GoKiosk home screen with allow application and is restricted from accessing device home screen, device settings and GoKiosk lockdown settings.

Features of GoKiosk

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Password-protected kiosk mode
  • Restrict users to only Allowed Applications
  • Alternative to MDM (Mobile Device Managements)
  • Device Monitoring Anytime Anywhere
  • Lockdown Your Device in Kiosk Mode
  • Allowed/disallowed apps
  • Data security
  • Hide or Disable Bottom Bar
  • Block user from changing Device Settings
  • Auto Launch applications at Startup
  • Peripheral Lockdown (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,Mobile Data)