GoKiosk Cloud Settings

1). First launch GoKiosk Application.


2). Tap five times anywhere in the empty area to open pop-up.


Note: The Default Password is 0000.

3). And click to allowed applications on GoKiosk home.


4). Add application you want to use and add it.


Setup your device by allowing desired application and setting system peripheral like connecting to wi-fi and Bluetooth networks.


5). On Admin menu click on import/export settings.


Now the settings can be exported to other device by 3 methods.

  1. Export to file: This will export all settings to file which can be copied to new device and can be imported without internet access.
  2. Export to Cloud: This option will export your setting to cloud and will assign a unique number for your settings called Cloud-Id. Cloud ID can be used to import these setting to new device.
  3. Export to Cloud and generate QR code: This option will export the setting to cloud and generate a QR code which can be scanned using another device to import these settings easily. 


6). Click to Export Settings to new Cloud ID


7). And your settings successfully exported to cloud.


8). Exported cloud ids can be seen on back-end Admin portal as shown below for all future references.