GoKiosk Enterprise App Store

An enterprise app store is an online web portal through which admin users can install or update corporates-specific software applications.

As a part of the Mobile Application Management (MAM) feature with the GoKiosk, it allows admins to create their own enterprise app store. They can use GoKiosk Web Console to compile a list of enterprise apps and push it to the enrolled android mobile and tablets at once.

GoKiosk Android Enterprise App Store

To compile a list of allowed enterprise apps and create an app store for an Android device using GoKiosk, follow the process below:

1). Login to the GoKiosk Enterprise App Store.


2). On Enterprise App Store Home, click on Enterprise Store.


3). On Enterprise App Store page, select on Upload New APK.


4). Browse your new APK file and upload it.


5). Your uploaded APK will be added in Enterprise app Store dashboard.

6). You can publish new APK to all enrolled android devices by clicking on the Publish button.


7). You can also publish selected APK to one or multiple android devices.


8). Published APK on your corporate android device.


9). Click on warning icon to install the APK.


10). Press ok to proceed download the app.


11). Please wait a moment.




Once published on your device you will see warning sign which means device has received the new apk and now user needs to install the device. You will see the real time update for each device about the installation procedure.