How to signup and download GoKiosk trial version apps

GoKiosk - Kiosk Lock-down app helps to manage all Android devices by turning them into dedicated android Kiosk. This helps the business to save the infrastructure cost and improve productivity. GoKiosk provides employee the freedom to choose and install required corporate-approved apps.

How to get Free Trial Version of GoKiosk

  1. Download the GoKiosk apps on the link below download free and install them.

           (Gokiosk App Download)

  1. Sign up for a free feature trial.

  1. Feel in the details and tap try it free button.

Note: activation details send your given email id, please check your email and use these details to activate the software.

  1. Tap to Activation code button and enter given code.

  1. And then tap 5 times anywhere in the empty area to open pop-up.

Note: Enter 0000 is default passwords

  1. Tap to allowed applications

  1. Please select of the application you want to use and clicking on add button.

  1. You can also remove and customized apps setting 

  1. Here you will see a screen that you can select from which application you have selected.