Getting Started with GoKiosk

Download APK from the link:

How to Launch GoKiosk?

Once downloaded navigate to downloads section of your device and install GoKiosk application.

Follow the steps shown to setup GoKiosk.

  1. Make sure all permissions are given so that application works as intended. 
  2. Once all permission are given you will see green tick as shown above, click on the “Complete Setup”

  3. Click on the “OK, GOT IT !” and select gokiosk in the popup and select always.
  4. Once you select always, gokiosk setup is done. Now one can tap on the screen 5 times to get into the Kiosk Admin setting, default password is 0000.
  5. Now you can activate the full version by Navigating to “Pro Version” section and enter the activation code provided.
  6. Now one can add multiple application in the Kiosk Mode by navigating to “All Applications” and select the app you wish to allow into Kiosk Mode.
  7. Single Application Mode: This mode will allow admin to convert any device into dedicated Kiosk mode where user can not exit the app selected, even if device is rebooted it will start the selected application always.  
  8. Tip : to Exit Single application mode admin needs to restart the device and wait for the loading screen, while loading screen is present tap on the screen 5 times to get the Password popup.
  9. With Peripheral settings Admin can allow usage of WIFI/Bluetooth controls. (If you are using Android 6.0 + Please install any of the freelly available Wifi/bluetooth amnager and allow that app as allowed app because in new version of Android you can navigate to other settings of device) 
  10. With Manage Website Section, Admin can add a whitelisted website to be accessible by user. 
  11. Change Password will let you change the admin Password from 0000 default one to any password of your choice.
  12. Admin can Customize the Look and feel of Gokiosk by navigating to Gokiosk Setting. Admin can change the background image of home screen or the title bar color and text.
  13. Import/ Export Settings:     

Using this feature Admin can pull or push device settings from one device to other. 

Push : To push current setting to cloud simply navigate to Import/Export Settings section.

  1. Export can be done in 3 ways:
  2. Export to File: Settings will be exported to file and can be transferred to another device.
  3. Export to Cloud: Setting will be stored in Cloud, you will receive a cloud id which can be used to import from another device.
  4. Export settings to cloud and generate QR Code: Once this is pressed, settings will be exported to cloud and a QR code will be generated which you can use to scan at the importing device.

To exit Gokiosk just select the Exit Gokiosk Option.